Plus Two English Chapter -03 - Matchbox  

Ashapurna Debi (1909-1995) 

Prominent Bengali novelist and poet, widely honoured with a number of prizes and awards. She was awarded the Jnanpith Award and the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 1976, and the degree of D. Litt by the Universities of Jabalpur, Rabindra Bharati, Burdwan and Jadavpur. For her contribution as a novelist and short story writer, the Sahitya Akademi conferred its highest honour, the Fellowship in 1994. This short story is translated from Bengali by Prasenjit Gupta, a translator and writer

Words Meaning 

Meek (adj) : humble =സാത്വികമായ

Sarcasm (n) : irony = നിന്ദ

Eventuality (n) : possibility =  നടന്നേക്കാവുന്ന സംഭവം

Indigent (adj) : extremely poor = നിര്‍ദ്ധനരായ

Derisively (adv) : contemptuously = പരിഹാസപൂര്‍വ്വമായ

Indignation (n) : resentment = അവജ്ഞ

Row (n) : quarrel = കലഹം

Question and Answers 

1. Why are women compared to matchboxes?             

A)-They are compared to match boxes because like matchboxes they too contain enough gunpowder to make Lanka’s burn. But they sit around meek and innocent in the kitchen, the pantry, the bedroom etc... 

2. What makes Nomita furious?                   

A)-Ajit has habit of  opening   and reading nomita letter. then crumpled it and twisted it and dropped it into his pocket and left it there. Hasn't felt the need to mention it even once to Nomita

3. What is the suspicion in Nomita’s mind?          

A)-The suspicion in Nomitas mind is Ajit does not give her all the letter that are addressed to her

4. What is called an “ugly habit”? Why?        

A)-A habit of ajit opening and reading of Nomita letter. Then does he give it to her. It's possible that oftentimes he doesn't give it to her at all. At least, that's the suspicion that has taken root, taken deep root, in Nomita's mind. 

 5. How does Ajit react when Nomita mentions about his “ugly habit”? 

A)-First he tries to laugh it away, and if laughter doesn't get him out of deep water, he scolds her. 

6.What are the expectations of Nomita's mother?                  

A)-Letter from Nomita's mother. It's her standard speech—the good woman has once again placed on the record the news of her various hardships and complaints getting worse, misfortune upon misfortune, the ceiling of her room is cracked and the rain water falls through in ceaseless streams; if this is not immediately remedied, she will have to die crushed under the weight of a collapsed roof. 

7.Comment on Ajits’ attitude towards his mother-in -law. 

A)- Whenever Ajit sees a new letter from Nomita's mother, he smiles derisively and says, "Why bother to read that? I'll go and fill out a money-order form." 

8. What makes Nomita call Ajit a ‘liar’? Is her action justifiable? Why?    

A)-Nomita asked Ajit why her letter was not given to her, he says he had just forgotten it. This makes  Nomita call him a liar. Her action  is justifiable. Nobody has a right to read the letter addressed to another person without her knowledge. Here Ajit not only reads the letter addressed to Nomita he does not give her letters. 

9. Comment on the simile in “Nomita hisses like a snake.” 

A)-Ajit doesn't fear Nomita's anger, he fears a row. So he smiles an affected smile and says, "If you're forbidding it, then it's a definite something. Shouldn't I make sure that no one's passing you love letters in secret. 

10. How do you think Ajit would react if Nomita reads the letters addressed to him?       

A)-Ajit would be angry.  If there is perfect love and understanding between the husband and wife, there is no harm in one reading the letters addressed to other. However, etiquette forbids it moreover such perfect love can be found only in books.

11. . What is the “poisoned knife”?                    

A)-The poisoned knife is Nomita anger has shown. She calls him a common vulgar man. 

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