Plus Two Chapter 2 Any Woman 

Notes & Assignment 

Katharine Tynan (1859-1931) is an Irish-born writer known mainly for her novels and poetry. She has to her credit more than a score of novels and seven books of verse. She usually wrote under the name Katharine Tynan Hinkson. Her human sympathy is keen, tender, warm, and constant. The poem "Any Woman" presents the all - embracing power of a woman to hold a family together.

Tether (n) : rope കയറുകൊണ്ടു കെട്ടുക

warp and woof (idiom) : the underlying structure or foundation of something; here used figuratively. The expression alludes to the threads that run lengthwise ( warp) and crosswise ( woof) in a woven fabric. 

Down (n) : a covering of soft feathers 

Manger (n) : a trough, used to hold food for animals. Jesus Christ was born in a manger.

1. Activity I 

(Composing lines)     

Try writing a few lines on any one of the following topics/themes. 

• Mother’s love 

• Sweet home 

1. Mothers love    

In this world,  There is nothing that can come close to the love that a mother feels for her children. Women are inherently good mothers. Till birth women carry their young and then continue their love & affection throughout their childhood and even into adulthood. Every Mother always makes sure that their children are safe and happy.  throughout their childhood. It is the love for their child that a mother feels that drives these feelings. No one can describe in words the feeling that a mother has towards her children. In fact, most people do not understand unless they become a mother themselves. Love always encourages us in any falls which come in life. She is the only person who has no demands except our best future. 

2. Sweet home      

There is nothing in the world as sweet as home ..home is the best as saying goes. Home is the symbol of human togetherness- place where all of us learn the first steps of life. For most people the very thought 

of home brings fond memories, nostalgic feelings and sad emotions. Home is the relaxation place in our life. Because we are spending so much of time to our schools and peer groups. So we met our parents in home and discuss problems and events in about whole day it give best solution to our problem. 

2. Activity II (Appreciation) 

Keeping in view the ideas discussed above, prepare an appreciation of the poem “Any Woman”.   

This poem appreciates the importance of women in the family. Without woman a family is simple unimaginable. This poem celebrates the glory of womanhood- the spirit behind the existence and sustance of life on earth. 

In  this poem the speaker identifies herself with the pillars of house “ keystone of arch ,fire upon the hearth, light of the sun, twist of the sacred ring, knot of love , house from floor to roof, wall against danger, door against window and snow. Also this poem appreciates a relevant theme and powerful message to students

In this poem speaker uses simple languages. The imaginary is great.  The woman doing all kinds of jobs and standing guard at the home

Activity III (Comparison)  

You are aware of the pivotal role of a woman, especially the mother at home. There are occasions when her self-effacing 

love is painfully missing, when the prayer ‘Take me not till the children grow!' has not been realised. 

Now, read the poem "The Toys" by Coventry Patmore 

My little Son, who looked from thoughtful eyes  And moved and spoke in quiet grownup wise,  

Having my law the seventh time disobeyed, I struck him, and dismissed

With hard words and unkissed, 

His Mother, who was patient, being dead. 

Then, fearing lest his grief should hinder sleep, I visited his bed, 

But found him slumbering deep, 

With darkened eyelids, and their lashes yet From his late sobbing wet. 

And I, with moan, Kissing away his tears, left others of my own; 

For, on a table drawn beside his head, He had put, within his reach, 

A box of counters and a red-vein'd stone, 

A piece of glass abraded by the beach And six or seven shells, 

A bottle with bluebells 

And two French copper coins, ranged there with careful art.


In this poem the father talking to  a  little son look at me thoughtful eyes. But he moved and spoke in quiet. Fathers told to seventh time but he is disobeyed  my instructions so I beat him. I sent hard words towards him even when he goes to bed I 

does not kissed him. But his mother was a patient woman now she was died. Thinking that his sorrow at my beating him and scolding him might prevent him from sleeping.  I want to his bed. I found he was in deep sleep. But his eyelids were dark and his lashes were wet because of his earlier crying. 

 I felt very sad and worried at his condition I too wept. I kissed away of his tears on his cheek. On a table near his head he had kept within his reach a box of counters, a stone with red lines, a piece a glass abraded and 6- 7 shells , a bottle with bluebells and two French copper coins which were arranged in artistic manner. He had kept all these to comfort of his sad heart. 

  I spoke to god something like this. When we lie with silent breath, not annoying you as we are dead, you may remember what toys made us happy when we were alive. We did not properly understand the good things you commanded us to do. But you are a much greater and more merciful father than I am, as I am made of clay. You will be not angry like me  when I bear and scolded my son. When see our disobedience, you will only say, like a kind father, that how sorry you are for our childishness and not punish as harshly.