HSST English (23-07-2022) - Answer Key, Question Paper 

1)-Who was the longest serving Prime Minister of India 

A) Indira Gandhi

B) Dr. Manmohan Singh

C) Jawaharlal Nehru

D) Narendra Modi


2)-Which is the Largest Parliament Committee ?

A) The Committee on Public Accounts

B) The Committee on Estimates

C) The Committee on Public Undertaking

D) The Committee on Petitions


3)-The National Food Security Act contains 

A) 4 Chapters and   13 Schedules

B) 4 Schedules and 13 Chapters

C) 13 Schedules and 45 Chapters

D) 16 Chapters and 4 Schedules


4)-According to Food Security Act 2013, Food Security means

A) Production of food grains

B) Increasing the land for cultivation

C) Supply of the entitled quantity of food grains and meal

D) Providing money to the entitled persons for meal


5)-The power of increasing the number of judges in the Supreme Court of India is vested in

A) The Parliament of India

B) The President of India

C) The Chief Justice of India

D) The Prime Minister of India


6)-Which Articles of Indian Constitution deal with Right to Equality ?

A) Article 14 only

B) Article 14 and Article 15

C) Article 14 and Article 15 and Article 16

D) Article 16 only


7)-The term of a State Food Commission member

A) 2 years

B) 3 years

C) 5 years

D) 6 years


8)-The Environment Protection Act of Indian Parliament came in to force on


A) 19th November 1986

B) 5th June 1991

C) 8th December 1984  

D) 23rd May 1982


9)-Among the following, which Bill must be passed by each house of the Indian Parliament Separately by a special majority ?

A) Constitution Amendment Bill

B) Money Bill

C) Finance Bill

D) Ordinary Bill


10)-Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowered Indian Parliament to establish new States ?

A) Article 2

B) Article 3

C) Article 4

D) Article 14


1-C) Jawaharlal Nehru

2-B) The Committee on Estimates

3-B) 4 Schedules and 13 Chapters

4-C) Supply of the entitled quantity of food grains and meal

5-A) The Parliament of India

6-A) Article 14 only

7-C) 5 years

8-A) 19th November 1986

9-A) Constitution Amendment Bill

10-A) Article 2

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