HSST English (23-07-2022) - Answer Key, Question Paper ANSWER KEY 

1)-An alternative curriculum model put forward by a group of teachers dissatisfied with existing curriculum

A) Administrative model of curriculum

B) Grassroots model of curriculum

C) System model of curriculum

D) Demonstration model of Curriculum


2)-A teaching intervention strategy in which students alternate between the role of tutor and tutee

A) Uni-directional peer tutoring

B) Reciprocal peer tutoring

C) Cross age peer tutoring

D) Class wide peer tutoring


3)-Which is a statistical technique used to control extraneous variable in Experimental Research ?


B) t test


D) Chi-square test

4)-Cohort studies are related with

A) Longitudinal survey research design

B) Cross sectional survey research design

C) Pre-experimental research design

D) Quasi-experimental research design


5)-Conducting an internal test to know the progress of learning is an example for

A) Assessment as learning

B) Assessment of learning

C) Assessment for learning

D) Assessment in learning


6)-Action verb in a learning outcome indicates

A) Learning aids

B) Learning resources

C) Learning process

D) Learning materials


7)-Cronbach's Alpha is a

A) Reliability index

B) Validity index

C) Discrimination index

D) Difficulty index


8)-Metacognition in learning is

i. Learning how to learn

ii. Cognitions about cognitions

ii. Regulating one's own cognitive processes

A) i only

B) i and ii only

C) ii and i only

D) i, i and ii


9)-Grounded theory approach in research utilises

A) Inductive method

B) Deductive method

C) Both inductive and deductive methods

D) Transudative method


10)-In hypotheses testing, Type I error is a

A) False negative conclusion

B) False positive conclusion

C) True positive conclusion

D) True negative conclusion



1-D Demonstration model of Curriculum

2-B) Reciprocal peer tutoring


4-A) Longitudinal survey research design

5-B) Assessment of learning

6-C) Learning process

7-A) Reliability index

8-B) i and ii only

9-A) Inductive method

10-B) False positive conclusion

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