Textual Questions, Answers & other Activities 

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1. Who do you like more? Tarun or his brother? Why?

A)-Tarun. He is a mediocre student. But he is a good athlete
2. Why did Tarun think that he was the black sheep of the family?

A)-Tarun was not very good at studies. So they told him that he was the black sheep

of the family. 

3. What were the obstacles before Tarun in pursuing his dream? Give some suggestions to solve 

A):-Tarun failed in his terminal examination. He could not afford the huge amount needed for an intensive training.

4. "It was a day he wanted to wipe out from his memory..." Why? 

A)-Because his father had got angry with him and he become a butt of ridicule among his friends. 

5. What made Ram Narayan say 'Life is full of ups and downs'? '

A}-Ram Narayan probably wished to relax Tarun who was depressed and thought of encouraging him by this general statement about life. 

6. Do you think Tarun's meeting with Ram Narayan would change his life? Explain.

 Yes. Tarun got support and motivation from him 

7. Complete the conversation:

 a) I've no coach, sir.

 b) You participate and win the race on Children's Day at the Nehru Stadium.

8. What made Ram Narayan say that it was his job to get Tarun entry in the race? 
A)-When Tarun announced his willingness to participate and win the race, Ram Narayan thought that it was his duty in return to get him entry in the race. 

9. How did Tarun prepare for the race? 

A)-Tarun got up at four in the morning and practised zealously every day, running up to ten miles. In the evenings, he would time himself according to the 1000 metre distance prescribed by the competition. 

10. 'He also wanted someone to back him up and so he told everything to his mother.' Do you think this kind of sharing will help him face the problems better? Why? 

A)-Yes. Timely support and motivation help the all round development of an individual. 

11. Why did Tarun really want to win the race ? 

A)-Tarun wanted to show his father that he was not really the blacksheep of the family and that he could be good at something at least. 

12. 'Tarun felt very proud of himself.' What made him proud? 

A)- At the beginning of the race, Tarun was ahead of others. So Tarun felt very proud of himself. 

13. If you were Tarun, would you finish the race or give it up? Why? 

A)- Yes I would. To join the training. 

14. Do you think that the presence of his mother and Ram Narayan helped Tarun in finishing the race? Give reasons.

A)-Yes. Tarun got the will power to cross the finishing line last. 

15. "You have won the toughest race, the race of your life." What did Ram Narayan mean by this?

A)-Ram Narayan meant that Tarun had been trying hard to do his best in the race in spite of falling thrice by getting up again and again to complete the race. He also hoped that Tarun might face the problems of his life too in the same way, with determination and willpower. Such persons would meet with success in life. Tarun was such a real life hero.