Learning The Game 

Practice Text Based Questions 

1. Cite instances from the passage that show Sachin's love for cricket even from a very early age.

Sachin played cricket with his colony friends. He loved watching cricket on television. While playing cricket he tried to imitate his favourite players, Sunil Gavaskar and Viv Richards. 

2. How did Shardashram Vidhya Mandir differ from other schools in Mumbai?

como0mloer ag It gave due importance to the game of cricket and had Ramakant Achrekar Sir as the cricket coach.

3-What was Acherkar Sir's first impression of Sachin? 

He did not have a good impression of Sachin at first. He thought Sachin was too young to attend the camp. 

4-What was the role of Ajith in Sachin's induction into the Mumbai cricket circuit? 

Ajith understood that Sachin was nervous. So he requested Achrekar to give him another chance for better performance.Achrekar agreed and that paved the way for Sachin to enter the Mumbai cricket circuit. 

5 Why did Sachin feel that the schedule of the camp was 'rigorous?

Sachin had practice sessions every morning and evening at Shivaji Park at the end of which he would be thoroughly exhausted. So he felt that the schedule of the camp was a rigorous one. 

6. What served Sachin as a very personal coaching Mannul ? 

Sachin's brother Ajit once gave him a note containing some thoughts about batting. He kept it with him as it served as a very personal coaching manual. 

7. "The system worked well - apart from my pockets." What is the 'system' referred to here by Sachin? 

Sachin practised both in the morning and evening but he had only one set of cricket clothes. So his routine was to wash and dry them after each session so that he could wear it for the next session. This routine is the "system" referred to by Sachin. 

8. Why was Sachin asked to change his school? 

New English School where Sachin studied did not have cricket facilities. Hence, his coach advised him to change his school if he wanted to pursue cricket seriously.

9. What was the condition laid down by Sachin's father for changing his school?mšezuð moommli muajlon GTO að mldaguolaj mlonimum ngmamlom? 

His father was ready to allow Sachin to change his school only if he was really serious about playing cricket. 

10. What did Sachin consider as a kind of safety valve? 

All his excess energies were channelled into playing cricket and Sachin considered this as a safety valve. 

I1. How did the one rupee coin help Sachin to become a good bastman? 

 In order to own the one - rupee coin kept by Achrekar sir on top of the stumps, Sachin had to avoid getting out and bat continuously with some sixty to seventy boys fielding. It taught him how to concentrate even when physically exhausted. It also gave him an immense satisfaction. 

12. What helped Sachin to build up physical and mental Stamina ?

After the thorough practice in cricket, Sachin had to run two full circuits of Shivaji Park with his pads and gloves on. This routine throughout the summer holidays helped him to build up his physical and mental stamina. 

13. This regular demand was "a little unreasonable." 
a) What was the demand?
b) - Why was it unreasonable?

 a) After his practice sessions in cricket, Sachin used to demand his father to get him a special fruit juice. He considered this regular demand a little unreasonable

 b) He had not realised that his parents also had to take care of the needs of his brothers and sister. So his demand was unreasonable. 

14. Why was Sachin asked by the bus conductors to buy two tickets?

 When Sachin had to stand inside the bus with the kitbag on his back, he often took the space of another passenger. So sometimes he was asked by the conductors to buy two tickets. 

15. "Cricket is waiting for you at the nets. Practise hard and see what magic can transpire." What aspect of a coach can you infer in Achrekar here?