Class -9 English  Unit-1 Chapter-3 Notes 

Textual Practice Questions & Answers 

1. What was each of the athletes from around the world trying to do? 

Chasing a dream and to reach for the sky. 

2. Why do the singers ask to bang the drum and sing the sound louder?

 The whole world should listen to the message of sports. 

3. What are the singers urged to do when the games begin? 

The singers are asked to chase the dream of trying their best.

 4. Jump up a little higher 
So the whole world can see ya 
The whole world can see ya' 
The last two lines are repeated here in different 
stanzas. What effect does it make? 
Pick out the other lines or stanzas which are repeated in the cer, song.

It emphasizes the fact that if you
jump a little higher, 
the whole world will recognize you.
The whole world can hear 
Bang the drum a little louder. 
These lines are also repeated.(Refrain) 

5. The expressions "follow the flame" and 'little louder" create a pleasing ring effect. What is the poetic device used?

 Alliteration (Repetition of the vowel sounds) 

6. The expression "whole-world' creates a similar ring effect but in a different way. How is the ring effect created? 

It is assonance (Repetition of vowel sound) 

7. How is the comment of Mr. Pierre de Coubertin about participation in the games expressed in the song? 

The lines "It is not about winning It's all about playing the game" show that more than 'winning', the game, 'playing' is important. "chasing a dream" is the motto of sports.

 Read the lines from the song Bang the Drum' 

Bang the drum a little louder 

So the whole world can hear. 

the whole world can hear

 Sing the song a little louder 

So the whole world can hear 

the whole world can hear.

 Write an appreciation of the song 'Bang the Drum' 

'Bang the Drum' is a song co-written by Bryan Adams & Nelly Furtado. The song was performed by popular Canadian singers Bryan Adams & Nelly Furtado during the Winter Olympics 2010 at Vancouver. The song was intended to motivate the athletes participating in the Olympics. The song is connected with the motto of Olympics. 

The athletes are asked to dream of success. The song exhorts them to hope to reach the sky. Playing the game is more important than winning. But all the athletes must try their best to chase their dream. They have to follow the flame in their mind. The Drum should be heard everywhere. The whole world should listen to the song of the drum.

 The participants must perform well and run like wind. Their dream should be big and aim, high. With confidence, they have to fly and jump higher. This song will reach the whole world. The people all over the world will listen and see their attempt. For that they have to bang the drum louder and louder. 

The athletes all over the world must unite to sing the song louder. By chasing a dream, they give the message of hope to the world.

The song is musical as it is a performance based one. Refrains and alliterations are used frequently. The sound of the drum is referred to as 'Bang'. The theme of motivation is presented through the musical lines. Rhyming words are also used. 

The athletes all over the world got inspiration from the song when it was first presented. The idea is applicable to the whole humanity.