Computer Application Class-1 Date :-13-11-2020

Fundamentals Of Computer

Data and Information 


What is the Definition of Data ?

Data denotes raw facts and figures such as numbers, words, amount, quantity etc. that can be processed or manipulated. 

Data are set of unrelated and unordered raw facts that have confusions in its meaning.

The Word "Data" derived from The Latin Word "Datum"


What is the definition of Information ?

 Information is a set of organized, validated , corrected and collected data that are meaningful. 

Processed data is called Information

What are the difference between Data And Information ?

Data Means  Raw facts and figures , Similar to raw material ,Cannot be directly used and Does not give precise and clear sense 

Information Means  Processed data Similar to the finished product , Adds to knowledge and helps in taking decisions and Clear and meaningful

What is Knowledge ?

 Collection of Information is known as knowledge.

What is Intelligence ?

Ability to draw useful inferences from the acquired knowledge is known as intelligence 

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence Information To make computers do things like human beings , by incorporating knowledge and intelligence.

What is Data Processing ?

Data processing  Data processing refers to the operations or activities performed on data to generate information.

What are the different stages of Data Processing ?

The Stages of data processing are  Capturing data , Input of data  Storage of data , Processing / manipulating data ,Output of information and Distribution of information

1)- Capturing data :-Collecting the required data using source ,documents or preformat 

2)-Input Of data :- Feeding data to the computer for processing is known as input 

3)-.Storage of data :- The data at the time of input process and the information (output)  obtained as a result of processing is also stored in the computer. 

4)-Processing :-manipulating data Process is the various operations like calculation, classification, comparison, sorting, filtering, summarising etc. which are carried out. 

5)-Output :-The information obtained after processing is the Output.

6)-Distribution of information:-The information obtained in the output stage is distributed to the beneficiaries.