Political Science Class -1 Date :-11-11-2020

 Meaning of Politics

1)-The word 'Politics' is divided from the Greek word 'Polis' It means 'City States'

2)-The concept of 'politics' is originated from the Greek classical Philosophy 

3)-Plato is a Famous Greek  Philosopher 

4)- Plato's Book -- The Republic 

5)-Aristotle is the Father of Politics 

6)-Man is a political animal -Aristotle

7)-Political Science is Master Science -Aristotle

8)-LYCEUM- School of Aristotle

9) Politics is concerned with State 

10)-Polis -City States 

11)-Central Concept Of Politics is State 

12 )Scientific Study Politics is State and Government 

Qu-1)-What is Politics ?

Politic is the systematic study of State and Government 

Qu -2) What is study about Politics ?

it is study About State and Government that means State's Nature, Conditions, Orgin , Developments and government's Functions, Purpose, institutions ,The task of good life Possible 

Qu-3)-Discuss The contemporary Political Science

The contemporary Political Scientist put forward the Politics as a part of The social Process they also said that the interaction between Man, Society and Polity 

Harold D Lasswell Definition 

'Politics is the shaping and sharing of power'

Qu-4)-Who is the father of modern politics?

David Easton's Definition

"Politics is the authoritative allocation of values "

Qu-5)-What Are The Main Points of David Easton's Definition 

Value =All valuable things in a society

Allocation=Distribution of that valuable things

Authoritative = Policy 

Qu 6)-What is the difference between Politics And Political science ?

Political Science is the synonym of the word Politics Initially it was used only as politics but later as scientific tools came  to be used in politics it started to be used as political science. Political science can be said to be a scientifically acquired skill in politics